Double Irish Chain cheater print for quilts and other projects!

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One of my favorite classic patchwork patterns is the Double Irish Chain. I created this cheater print so a wholecloth quilt of any size can be made from this printed fabric. Choose the size of the print by adjusting the scale when you order it. The largest this fabric design will print is 18 inches, but it can be sized down as much as you want. The smaller sizes would be great for clothing as well as quilts.

Add embroidery designs, quilting designs or embellishments to this print to customize your project. Use machine or hand techniques. Applique flowers or other shapes onto the print to create a more intricate pattern. The options are limitless!

Please leave a comment if you'd like other colorways of this traditional pattern. I can easily make and upload any 2 or 3 color combinations with this cheater print. I already have uploaded some other colorways and I would appreciate suggestions of what colors would be of interest.

I have Single Irish Chain prints and Triple Irish Chain prints available as well.